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ABOUT ME - The Face Behind The Gore - Patrycja
My love for horror movies started at the age of 3, the blood, guts, and creatures made me fall in love with horror movies or it might be the fact my mom is born on the day of the dead and my dad is born on April fools. I started creating small special effects makeup at the age of 15 after watching a horror movie and deciding “I can do that”. It beg with some cheap poundland makeup kits, hiding from my parents whilst creating these looks only because they knew the makeup was giving me allergies but I did not want to stop. I wanted to experiment and do more makeup looks, but after seeing what I can do and my passion for it they haven’t stopped supporting me to this day. I decided to go to college and study level 3 media makeup however that only proved to me that the knowledge I have learnt from books and self taught myself is better then any college or university is going to teach me (unless its a specialised course with legendary artists). After experimentations in the house I decided to do some photoshoots and short films to get my name out there, and that’s how I met my boyfriend who introduced me to now a good friend of mine, Mark Danbury (Special Effects: League Of Gentlemen, Wolf Blood) I was a assistant/makeup artist with him on the set of the upcoming Tales From The Lodge (Starring Johnny Vegas) who helped me a lot to boost my makeup skills and also help me get into the industry. I also can't forget about all the late night dark web searching of dead bodies, real gore and a library of over thousand movies watched throughout the years. Speaking of the web, facebook was also a great help for networking and meeting other artist and filmmakers or photographers. Now at the age of 22 am working on big feature films, and creating more makeup then ever.